Thursday, 7 January 2010

Summer nights

We have a busy social calendar for the next wee while. Last night, we had dessert and drinks with friends at their place, enjoying a great new year's catchup. Tonight, we are going to see Avatar in 3D, which I'm told is quite spectacular. Tomorrow night is a pool party, Saturday night is pizza and dancing night, and on Sunday night we are hoping to see The Beatgirls performing outdoors at the Botanic Garden Soundshell. Somehow, this timetable would seem untenable for us in winter, when I'm more than happy to just curl up early at night with a book or in front of the fireplace. Daylight saving makes it possible to pack more in to each day/night, while still maintaining energy levels and an overall warm buzz. I love summer nights!

Here's an excerpt from my favourite movie, Grease (1978) - so appropriate right now! Sing along if you wish and enjoy those Summer Nights.


Donna said...

I absolutely LOVE Grease and can't wait to hear how Avatar 3D is!

~JarieLyn~ said...

You do have a busy and fun week ahead. I love the movie Grease too, and Summer Nights just happens to be my favorite song in the movie. : )

Juli Ryan said...

I love "Grease" too!

When it was on TV the other night, my husband was singing "Summer Nights" in a mocking way, and I totally reprimanded him.

Do not mock "Grease".