Sunday, 13 June 2010

Girls' night out

Last night, a large group of us got together for a girls' night out - no boys allowed! We started off with dinner at One Red Dog, where the $10 cocktail list and large glasses of wine were a hit with several members of our group. Bucking the trend of ordering one of their many gourmet pizzas, I instead opted for the lamb salad - lamb marinated in red wine and garlic with feta, red onion, tomato and mint with mandarin dressing. An excellent choice, if I may say so myself!

Then, it was on to The Embassy Theatre to see Sex and the City 2 - the ultimate girls' night out activity. I'd been told that this movie was funnier than the first; that is certainly true. There was also plenty more bling. At times, the ridiculousness (is that a word?) was beyond hilarious, not to mention the extreme 'fashion' that featured in several scenes. There were many instances where the characters were sending themselves up, making it a lighthearted change to some of the heavier moments during the first movie after Carrie and Big's wedding breakup.

This time, the girls have been treated to luxurious all expenses paid week in Abu Dhabi, the new Middle East. It's amazing what money can buy. A few issues were touched on; married life two years on, worrying about a husband's fidelity, coping with a young family, and Samantha's menopause all floated by. But, as to be expected, most of it was about friendship, shopping, going places, and generally living it up. In amongst it all, some old favourites make an appearance: Smith Jerrod, Aidan, Stanford and Anthony, and, of course, Big.

Our own in-theatre entertainment was provided by a group of drunk women sitting near the front of the cinema. They were shouting at the characters on screen throughout the movie until several other movie-goers told them to shut up. Enough is enough, already!

The verdict? Leave the boys at home, switch off your brain, and simply enjoy the extravagance.


Juli Ryan said...

I haven't been to One Red Dog in over five years! Think I'm going to have to find a way to tag along on one of your girls' nights out--sounds like fun! xo's

donna said...

I have so missed visiting here! Thanks for the review. I can't wait to sit it. Not only because Aiden is in it but Big himself.