Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Ukulele orchestra

Ever since I got a purple ukulele two Christmases ago, I have wanted to join a ukulele orchestra. I went along to the Wellington Ukulele Summer Fiesta in March and had a great time introducing my purple ukulele to the  rainbow of colourful ukuleles that arrived to play in the sun.

Having looked around town a while for a beginner-friendly ukulele orchestra that would fit with my schedule, I have finally decided to set up one of my own with a work colleague. We had our inaugural meeting today (all seven of us, so far!) and now have a plan for getting started on practising some basic tunes, hoping to have a weekly lunchtime jam and spread some ukulele love in the process.

So, to update another 101 in 1001 activity: #92 - learn how to play the ukulele - I'm getting there!

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The Demigoddess said...

Good for you for making a step towards learning an instrument. I once tried learning the guitar but I broke a few fingernails and I stopped. So much for determination....