Thursday, 8 July 2010

Wellington on a Plate

The Wellington on a Plate programme has been launched this week. From 14-29 August, Wellington restaurants will be hosting set lunches and special dinner offers as part of Dine 2010. I'm really looking forward to some of the festival events associated with WOAP; now that I work out of the city, lunches are generally off the menu.

This year, being slightly more financially mobile, I'll be able to get involved more than last year. My friends and I have pored over the programme and started making bookings, starting with Cupcakes and Cocktails, Discovering Artisan Cheese (mmm, cheese), Making Great Patisserie with WelTec, and maybe even some espresso tasting with my favourite coffee company, Fuel Espresso. The Pleasure Palate at Butlers Chocolates looks incredibly tempting, too.

Once again, we are so spoiled for choice in Wellington! What takes your fancy?

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Amelia said...

Yummy! I am getting hungry just reading your post! :-)