Wednesday, 4 August 2010

A baking bonanza

Busy times. (Aren't they always?) We have had a lot going on lately, both socially and in terms of things to get done. I've missed baking regularly in recent times but have decided to remedy that with a baking bonanza. We have a few events coming up that require bringing a plate, and I'm going to put on a morning tea shout at work on Friday. Here's what I have been baking, and what I plan to bake in the next wee while:
  • sultana cake - I made two of these last weekend to bring as plates for various events.
  • hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting - I had planned to make these last weekend but didn't realise I needed four over-ripe bananas to go with the coconut and pineapple. Doh! Instead, they will be part of a workplace shout on Friday morning.
  • chocolate chip cookies - These were a great backup plan on Saturday when I discovered I had no way of over-ripening four bananas in just 20 minutes.
  • caramel slice - Recipe courtesy of 3rd Gen. I'm assured it's quick and easy - it will be added to Friday's workplace shout.
  • dark chocolate and orange cupcakes with dark chocolate ganache fudge pieces - Aiming for extravagance here. I have come across a simple recipe for dark chocolate ganache which I'm keen to try and will see if it works as a decoration over dark chocolate ganache frosting.
What are people baking out in the blogosphere? Any recipes to share? I'll post as I go.


Elizabeth said...

I love baking too! I've been playing with cupcakes myself. Yes, I've tried making cakes with not so riped bananas and it didn't work. The chocolate cupcake have turned out a bit dry so need to adjust the recipe. I am now trying my hand at making layered cakes, the big ones for birthdays :)

Genki said...

how funny - I just went on a baking spree last night. Initially a papaya crumble to use up left over papaya. Delicious and better than plain papaya. Then banana and oatmeal bread to use up overripe bananas - finally I got the level of ripeness right. See Joy The Baker for her recipe. And then, to use up some chocolate I had in the fridge and wanted to use, chocolate chip cookies. So delicious with browned butter. See EatLiveRun for her recipe (just search for chocolate chip cookies).
A good night but a bit dangerous for the hips!