Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My iPod touch apps

Ever since discovering Free App A Day a while ago, my iPod touch has really come to life. I have only bought a few fully-paid applications but have downloaded lots of freebies. Free App A Day offers one free app for iPhone/iPod/iPad each day. I enjoy playing games, but am not too keen on action games or ones that eat my battery life before my eyes.

Here are some of the apps I'm enjoying at the moment. There are others, but these are the ones I use most frequently.

I've blogged about this before. The Classics app allows me to have 27 classic novels on hand everywhere I go. This is great if you are a bibliophile like me, or are caught waiting somewhere without a book to read or anything to do.

There is something strangely addictive about building and rebuilding a community from scratch. Build-A Lot is not as complex as Sim City, making the challenges easier to dip in an out of when time is tight.

Fuzzle is a fun game to play in short bursts, for example, when waiting in the queue for my morning coffee. It is a simple, untimed game which doesn't restart every time you open the application - it continues your saved game. Basically, you move the balls around the board to create lines of five balls of the same color. Every time you finish a row, the balls are removed. But after every other move you make, more balls are added.

Sudoku 2
I hadn't had much experience with solving sudoku puzzles before, but Sudoku 2 is great and has taught me lots. There are several different levels and the updates released have made the board and numbers even clearer to see.

Moonlight Mahjong
Use the touch screen to adjust the angle you view the game board or the size of the puzzle. Moonlight Mahjong has several different tile styles, and even one which uses numbers if you're having trouble finding matches. I randomly select puzzles to solve and they range from being relatively simple to quite complex.

I have finally found a Lemmings-style game for my iPod touch. Chicks takes me right back to the 80s/90s when we first met little creatures who would fall off cliffs and bash their way through walls at our command.

Cooking Dash
I have spent far longer than I care to think about trying to master Cooking Dash. Flo dashes about trying to cook up meal orders for her customers, who are each only prepared to wait for varying lengths of time. The kitchen gets busy and the heat turns up a notch. The biggest frustration with Cooking Dash (and Diner Dash below) is that it doesn't save the game when you close the application - you need to start again from scratch.

Diner Dash
As above. Be warned: Diner Dash is also really addictive.

Do you have any recommendations of your own?


Juli Ryan said...

It's kind of sad, but my favourite apps are Twitter and Facebook. The games on my iPod are mostly for the child. But I can imagine getting hooked on Cooking Dash or Dining Dash. (I used to like the Sims. By this I mean, I really really liked the Sims.) I go through phases where I like Sudoku. Free App A Day sounds very cool. Must check it out. cheers

Chantel said...

Wow, great post. I have to say, I love my iphone. I don't play with alot of apps because I like reading the news or just e-mails or checking facebook etc but I do play uno sometimes and Shanghi Lite which is Mahjong and this silly game called Creamy ice. You make ice-cream and its super easy but it was so additive to me for about a week or so I played it as I was going to sleep.

Alli said...

I linked here from your most recent post. I'm thinking about trying to get an ipod touch after Christmas (maybe I'll get some Christmas $?). Do you like it enough to recommend one?

Café Chick said...

Hi Alli
I absolutely love my iPod touch but I won it as a prize nearly two years ago. I probably wouldn't choose to buy one now. I covet the iPhone and, for me, that would be the ultimate. Ideally, I'd love to ditch either my phone or my iPod and still have access to everything while I'm out, ie my music, books, the internet, cool apps, as well as a phone all built into one. (Actually, I'd happily throw my phone away altogether!) I guess a good android phone would serve the same purpose.