Thursday, 4 November 2010

An abbreviated post

I've been sick at home for three days now with a chest infection and a nasty cough to match. Tomorrow looks like it will be my fourth day off work. (Let's hope they'll advance me some sick leave, or my next pay packet will be looking just as ill as me!) You would think that with all this 'spare' time on my hands that I'd be able to achieve something, anything, but my energy levels haven't come to the party, so here's an abbreviated blog post about what's going on for me at the moment.
  • Tomorrow is Guy Fawkes Day. There is going to be a great fireworks display in Wellington. We'll have to find a great viewpoint and hope that the weather plays nicely so we get to appreciate all the pretty fireworks.
  • Tomorrow is also my dad's birthday. When I was little, we would always have a birthday dinner at home, light some firecrackers in the back yard, then go and watch the fire at the empty section at the end of the street. Back in the days when skyrockets could be legally let off from anywhere, this was a great source of annual entertainment. I used to think that all the fireworks and bonfires were for Dad's birthday - lucky him!
  • I am going to attempt to make Tim Tam truffles as a birthday present for Dad, along with ciabatta and chocolate cake. (Once I stop coughing, that is.)
  • I thought I'd make the most of my sick days at home by tackling the last 200 pages of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I have only made the tiniest bit of progress and can't really remember what much of the previous 430 pages were about. Doh!
  • I'm hoping to drive over to the Wairarapa on Sunday and check out the Gladstone Scarecrow Festival - something I've been meaning to go to for years.
  • A friend asked if I'd like to see Eat Pray Love with her. I (think I) politely explained that it (and especially Julia Roberts) is not my thing. I haven't heard back from her since, lol - maybe the chest infection has made me more blunt than I'd usually be.
  • I am onto my second bottle of Irish Moss. (Ok, the first one wasn't entirely full, but I'm practically drinking the second one straight!)
  • There are lots of blog posts I'd like to write, if only I could start developing my ideas into a single coherent thought.
How has your week been?


Kellee said...

Firstly, hope you get well soon, no-one wants to be sick on the weekend!

This is going to seem off topic, but you thinking the fireworks were for your dad sent my mind ablaze with all the stuff I used to think as a kid.

Both of my grandmothers were named Elsie, so I thought all grandmothers were named Elsie.

Mrs Cake said...

If your Dad is anything like mine he'll love the truffles! ;-) Hope you feel better soon - there seem to be a lot of sniffly coughing people around at the moment. :-(

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Ooo, take some pics of the scarecrows for me! Sounds fabulous! Good on your trying to finish HP - I read all the other books without a struggle - but am finding it harder to get through the last one!

Sending you well wishes :)