Friday, 12 November 2010

It's Friday

It's Friday! It has been a long week but filled with lots of little things that are good. Here's a quick roundup:
  • Today was cheese scone day at work. Yay!
  • The sun is shining and it was a glorious almost-summer's day today.
  • A mother duck and her family of five baby duckies came for a wander around work yesterday.
  • Tomorrow, I am going to go costume hunting for the Gangsters' Ball next weekend. I'm looking for a flapper dress.
  • It just might be a hammock weekend - the first for this summer.
  • I have stocked up on coffee for the weekend. Coffee Creation in Petone is an awesome place to buy fresh coffee beans.
  • I baked a yummy banana loaf last night and there's still some left.
  • My cough is finally dying down and I'm slowly getting my energy back.
  • I'm feeling a little bit smug about having just bought
  • I have a voucher for chocolate truffles to spend at Butlers - this could be the weekend that I spend them.
  • I'm making progress with finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Just 100ish pages to go!
  • I'm in the mood to bake (again) this weekend.
What's good for you as we head into the weekend?


Katie said...

Happy Friday :-)
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing the link to the Tim Tam Truffles last week. I made them at the weekend and they were yummy!


Genki said...

Happy Weekend! This weekend I get to sleep. You have no idea how happy that makes me!

Donna said...

I hope you are had a good weekend! I'm sure by now it's over with. OMG I love your blog background! Very nice!

Nothing much was up this weekend for me. Just adjusting to everything and trying to just be.