Monday, 21 February 2011

Mojo high tea

Although I am a big fan of coffee and dislike tea immensely, I hold a fascination with the concept that has become known as high tea. There is something about tiny portions of tasty food served so elegantly that appeals to the baker in me. A few months ago, I joined the hordes buying Grab One vouchers for high tea for two at Mojo - all the trappings of high tea served with real coffee! It took several weeks for a booking to become available and yesterday afternoon was our lucky day.

After perusing the tea menu, we ordered coffee anyway. Our food came out on a three-tier stand.
Mojo high tea
The food on offer today was average; nothing in particular stood out. We started at the bottom and worked our way up the tiers. The club sandwiches had some tasty fillings but the bread was hard - probably sitting out on the counter for too long. We enjoyed the risotto balls and the cherry tomato in a flaky pastry cup. Dry scones with jam and cream and then some spicy rhubarb mini muffins followed. The cherry and pistachio nougat was a great way to finish, along with the milk and dark chocolate truffle. Definitely an afternoon tea for the girls!

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Donna said...

My sister in law took me to tea for my birthday. We had so much fun. Ours came with a beautiful salad, scones with devonshire cream, and the three tier treat of fruit on top, lovely sweets on the middle and sandwhiches on the bottom. I had so much fun with her, it was such a treat to forget anything and everything and just be a girl. I did have tea though LOL. Yeah for such a fun experience!!!