Wednesday, 16 February 2011


You're probably tired of hearing about how I love winning stuff, but it's true; I never tire of the thrill of being told, "congratulations, you have won ...". My latest prize was a double pass to the preview of James Cameron's latest 3D movie, Sanctum. Yay!

OK, so the reviews on IMDb aren't great. Never mind - it's still free!

Just as well. Sadly, Sanctum was pretty lame. It was even as bad as the reviews said. I foolishly set myself up to watch the movie the same way I saw Avatar: switch my brain off and enjoy the special effects. Unfortunately, there were few and I'm not even sure why parts of this movie were in 3D - it certainly wasn't necessary. The script was incredibly clichéd and the Americanisms delivered by overacting Australians just didn't work. For a while, we thought it might not be so bad after all, then it all went from cliché to corny. The high body count didn't do much to redeem the film; we just never got to know or develop enough empathy for the characters.

Still not convinced? Well, at least wait until it comes out on DVD - don't bother seeing it at the theatre. Here's the trailer:

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