Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sam Cooke earworm

I frequently suffer from earworms. I say "suffer" because they are usually not songs I would choose to have stuck in my head on high repeat. However, these past few days I have had an earworm of the most pleasant kind. On several occasions, I have had a Sam Cooke song doing the rounds - and I love it!

We practised Wonderful World in ukulele orchestra today - the ultimate party song, along with Cupid. One of our group said that she had a huge crush on Sam Cooke. In fact, at 16 she announced that she was going to marry him because he had such a beautiful voice, to which her father informed her that he had been shot many years before she was born. Ow, how to burst a girl's bubble!

One of the guys mentioned that he only knew the Art Garfunkel version of Wonderful World. I quickly googled it and found it to be pretty bland compared to the original. Maybe that was the James Taylor influence? Anyway, here is an indulgent selection of Sam Cooke's music for you to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. I am now playing all the Sam Cooke music I have on my iPod. It has certainly put a smile on my face.

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