Friday, 10 June 2011

Things to do when the network is down

The network has been up and down like a yo-yo this morning before finally crashing in spectacular style a couple of hours ago. Sure, it's frustrating for most people, but when you have the word online in your job title ... well, it's like trying to knit with one arm tied behind your back.

We started out pretending that we could work independently of the network for a bit, but that doesn't leave much when every single file is stored centrally. Emails are also down, along with our intranet, printers etc. Time to surrender to the machine and find other ways to amuse ourselves.

Things to do when the network is down:
  • Cheese Scone Friday. Make it a good one.
  • Arrange absent colleague's teddy bears into dodgy positions and/or hide them in questionable places around the office. Endless fun.
  • Move stuff around randomly - walls, wires, furniture, desks. Yes, we're easily amused.
  • Socialise - I mean, 'catch up with colleagues about important issues' over in the other block.
  • Buy lots of random and unnecessary crap off the daily deals sites. All of them.
  • Read the news. Again. 
  • Clear your Google Reader RSS feeds until Outlook starts working again.
  • Read a book - you know, of the paper variety. 
  • Cross our fingers and pray for a big dumping of snow soon in time for a ski trip in a few weeks.
  • Organise coffee dates for the weekend. Lots of them.
  • Hold a meeting.

Any other suggestions?


Donna said...

these all seem pretty good! I like the animal one. We used to do that at my job in Cali to this one lady's animals all the time.

anothercookiecrumbles said...

lol, love the poster. So true where I work... it's ridiculous how many meetings are organised. So tempted to say, "can I please decline for I have work to do" - don't think that would be appreciated, so... Angry Birds it is :D (Great for phone confs).