Sunday, 22 April 2012

Where did the weekends go?

We all love weekends. They are our little treat for surviving the week and, if we're lucky, we get to spend them how we want to, free from the shackles of work and other nasties that consume so much of our weekdays. Or do we?

I read a story this morning called Where did the weekends go? Although it refers to the retail sector, I can't help wondering whether it's a sign of our times that few people I know actually have a 'weekend' involving the long, lazy days we look forward to. Some of them manage to grab a day (or a few hours) here or there, but no-one seems to have two days off any more. (I'm excluding parents from this observation; they never have time off!)

For almost as long as I can remember, weekends have been an opportunity for me to catch up on work or study, uninterrupted and without being harrassed at the office. Well, that's certainly how this year's weekends have been. Don't even get me started on evenings! I usually do it happily (or at least accept that this is how things are for me) but I have to wonder if it will ever be different. I try to smuggle in the occasional coffee or brunch with a friend and time with my sweetie. Sometimes I do something really radical like read a chapter of a book for pleasure, throw some baking into the oven or clean the house. This is not a tale of woe; it's simply stating a fact and I know I'm not unusual.

I know it's been creeping up for years but I sometimes wonder when we reached the tipping point of consumer (and other) demand that now requires so much more of us. I love the way everything completely shuts down for a couple of days at Easter but I know it's a hassle for many consumers. Maybe some industries feel the pressure more than others; maybe there are those who are totally immune to weekend snatching?

Here's my question for you: are your weekends 'real' weekends or are they just a chance for you to catch up (or get a head start) on weekdays?

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~JarieLyn~ said...

I'm usually pretty lazy on weekends, however, it does seem as though I am catching up on these that should have been done during the week and just once, I would like the weekend to be about me. I wish for just one day or a full two days to not have to take anyone else into consideration. Yeah, can you tell I've been married for awhile.