Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Improvisors - History Never Repeats

We are long time fans of The Improvisors. We have learned not to sit in the front row (although the cast are getting sneakier and even picking on audience members a few rows back) and love how latecomers are afforded the welcome they deserve. Recently, two of the troupe provided entertainment at a conference dinner I attended and the crowd were once again amazed by their quick thinking and sharp repartee.

Last night, thanks to Wotzon, we saw The Improvisors' latest show at Circa Theatre as part of the 2012 NZ Comedy Festival. History Never Repeats is a comedic jaunt through time from 2000 BC until some point in the future and was both educational and entertaining. For example, we learned that the ancient Etruscan civilisation started with E and so did most of their language. Shakespeare had set a play in South Auckland and the inaugural 1987 Rugby World Cup final somehow managed to coincide wth 1985's Rainbow Warrior sinking. It's certainly history as we didn't know it!

Although last night's show didn't quite fire on all cylinders like usual, there were still plenty of belly laughs to be had with Nic Gorman and Ian Harcourt in particularly fine form. The theatresports season is on its way and we hope to catch a couple of shows. Bring on the laughter!

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Janine said...

Sounds like it was a great night. We are off to see tonight "The boy with more tape on his face". I always thought sitting front row in any comedy venue would be risky lol. Love that they are getting sneaky though and choosing people from a few rows back lol.

We enjoyed the Comedy Gala last Sunday as we got to get a small taste of the comedic offerings on tap.