Friday, 7 September 2012

Being Human

I have previously blogged about my lack of fascination with vampires, zombies and the like. Thursdays at 9:35 pm is my time to read. The one exception is Being Human, which we initially referred to as A zombie, a werewolf and a ghost before learning its true title. The show has everything that I don't care for, yet I'm surprisingly drawn to it.

I really enjoyed the first season of Being Human as three unlikely housemates discovered what it meant to live with the supernatural hands they had been dealt. There is the gorgeous ghost, Annie, who is amiable and far too accommodating to those around her. The hapless George is an unintentionally hilarious werewolf wanting to live a ‘normal’ life but being seriously side-tracked during each full moon. And who can resist the smouldering Mitchell, a bad boy vampire struggling to be good but frequently tempted by his darker side? Series 2 added some more core characters, including George’s girlfriend, Nina, who he unintentionally 'turned' into a werewolf.

The first two series had the characters playing well off each other and this interaction largely drove the plot. We have so far watched each series marathon-style and are currently up to Series 3, which is much darker than its predecessors. The housemates have relocated to a former bed and breakfast in Wales where the yellowed wallpaper and shabby furniture are simply old and dated as opposed to being newly designed 'retro'. I find myself half-watching now as most episodes involve a new guest or visitor from the past struggling to solve some paranormal-related dilemma with the help of the trio in an almost-formulaic manner. There are cast changes ahead in Series 4, by which time I suspect I might have lost interest. Still, I have found Being Human to be a refreshingly different take on the paranormal dramas popular during the past few years.

What do you think of Being Human? No spoilers from Series 4, please ... I am already regretting reading the show's Wikipedia entry!

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Ness said...

I always see ad's for Being Human and want to watch it. Maybe I should get it from the library.