Friday, 28 September 2012

War paint

I'm not a morning person. Let me rephrase that: I like the concept of mornings, but would prefer them to happen later in the day. Although I love sunrises and all that they symbolise, I am not someone who naturally wakes refreshed and ready to embrace the promise of a new day. I find it especially more challenging when it is dark outside.

As a result of my aversion to mornings (particularly early ones), my morning routine is as brief as it needs to be: get up, feed the cat, make lunch, quick shower, get dressed and then out the door. Although I love coffee, I'd rather spend a few more precious minutes in bed than up and waiting for it to brew before hurriedly gulping it down on my way out the door. I have never watched breakfast tv either and don't see how anyone actually has the time or nerve for it.

What I also don't understand is where (mostly) women find time in the morning for excessive grooming routines. Given that I don't own a hairdryer and practically nothing in the way of hair product, I am arguably saving myself anywhere between 10-60 minutes (as a very rough guess) every morning.

The same goes for makeup; seriously, who has time to apply war paint while half-asleep each and every morning? Perhaps what is most ironic is the myriad of steps involved in trying to achieve a natural look. Then the are the obligatory touch ups during the day and the truckload of product I'd have to add to my already bulging handbag in order to maintain my 'natural' camouflage. Isn't it a sad state of affairs when an influential woman not wearing makeup makes the news or women without makeup are considered to be vulnerably exposing themselves. WTF?! I have recently watched someone hit her head on her desk as she emerged from underneath it with her GHD straighteners after 'fixing' her fringe. Heck, I know someone who touches up her makeup (foundation, mascara and lipstick) and hair before beginning a gym workout! Don't get me started on what all this product is doing to women's hair and skin in the long term ...

Don't get me wrong - I am all happy to doll up when going out, but I value my precious few extra moments of sleep far too much to sacrifice in the name of 'natural' beauty. Is anyone with me on this one or am I standing alone in a field somewhere?

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Anonymous said...

ppI'll be honest. I feel very ordinary without make-up. I don't slather it on with a shovel or anything, but I feel more "finished" with a touch of foundation and a little eye liner. I keep my hair low maintenance (but hopefully it still looks good) to save time and I don't wear make-up to exercise or visit my mum's house...(as if that justifies it haha).

I am a bit lazy. You'll never catch me "reapplying" or "touching up" unless I'm in a bridal party or something!! I just put it on at the beginning of the day and that's it 'til the next day, regardless of what happens along the way!

I do like that the older I get, the slightly more secure I become. I do wear make up a lot less than I did when I was younger (and ironically probably needed it less)! I think it should be a woman's choice to wear it or not, though.