Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Paper Toss

Paper Toss is a hugely popular app for IOS and Android. Set in an office, it involves tossing a virtual piece of paper into a rubbish bin. It starts out simple enough: just throw the rolled-up paper into the bin. As the levels progress, there are obstacles to overcome, mostly in the form of a big floor fan that blows air at varying velocities, meaning that you have to aim towards it to make the most of the wind gusts while still landing your paper in the bin, all the while calculating the distance to the bin and how hard to throw your paper ball ... Sound easy? Boring, perhaps? Actually, it’s mindlessly addictive.

We have been playing Paper Toss for real lately. All it takes is an open-top rubbish bin, screwed up paper (paper hand towels work well) and some distance between the two. We have discovered that it is much harder to play Paper Toss in real life than on our phones – even without a fan or any obstacles. In order to add some rigor to the sport (and prevent cheating), starting and finishing lines have been drawn up so that no-one can cheat. It's a very serious (and highly competitive) business! We find that late afternoons are best to practise, even if our aim is a little less reliable at that time of the day.

Once we've conquered Paper Toss, we might move on to frozen grapefruit bowling next. ;-)

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