Monday, 7 October 2013

Digital declutter

Every so often, I go through a decluttering phase that sees me attempt to purge some of the stuff I have accumulated. It usually happens after I reach a tipping point of sorts - something that is hard to define but I always know once I'm there. I feel like I'm currently at a digital tipping point. Something has to happen.

Much like cleaning up your home, there are lots of tips available for digital decluttering. However, I think they pretty much involve the same strategy: do it slowly but surely - and be firm.

A couple of years ago I unsubscribed to a whole pile of daily deal sites and it felt great! However, they have slowly but surely crept up again and the daily assault on my junk mail inbox was starting to spiral out of control. 17 emails with unmissable deals by lunch time, most of which I instantly delete? No thanks! So, during the past week or so I've started unsubscribing and removing myself from mailing lists all over the place. A few are precariously hanging in there until I make a final decision about whether or not they can stay. Some are proving harder to remove than others; they send me "are you sure?" messages then confirmations that they have received my confirmation. Enough, already!

My Feedly blogroll has also been included in this digital declutter. Sorry to all those who haven't updated their blogs in more than a year, but you're most likely off my list now! I am less brutal than I'd like to be with Twitter and Facebook, though. Every attempt at unfollowing or defriending usually nets just a few casualties at a time, coupled with more guilty pangs than any grown up should realistically be feeling. Digital zen is harder to achieve than it looks.


Ness said...

You rock honey! I need to unsubscribe from some emails as I just delete them or end up buying stuff I don't want/need.

I was always hesitant to unfriend or unfollow someone. Maybe it's the fear of being unliked. So in the end I just deleted my Twitter account completely. It's been a month and I do miss some people (although most of the people I miss have blogs, Instagram or are friends). :)

Off to clean up my email now!

Ness said...

Oh this is perfect! I definitely need to unclutter my email to get rid of all the emails that I delete or inspire me to buy things I don't want/need.

I was always really hesitant to unfriend/unfollow. I think it comes back to a fear of being unliked. In the end I deleted my Twitter account and after a month it feels good. There are people I miss although most of those people have blogs or Instagram or are friends.

Off to clean up my inbox now!