Thursday, 17 October 2013

New Zealand Cheese Month

Here's something I learned yesterday: October is New Zealand Cheese Month. Seriously - a whole month dedicated to New Zealand cheese ... how did I only find out about this phenomenal event halfway through the month? Luckily there is still time to join the festivities.

The official sources explain that this inaugural event "... is about celebrating our country's delicious and diverse range of cheeses, trying new cheese, using cheese in recipes and discovering new cheese and beverage pairings." That sounds like something I can do well!

It doesn't look like there are any official events planned for Wellington, but we in the office are keen to get on board. There have been suggestions of everyone bringing a New Zealand cheese to share at work tomorrow. I don't think I could convince anyone to try cheese rolling and already know I don't have the patience for cheese making, so we might need to stick with what we do best: eat lots of cheese. As for cheese and beverage pairings, I thought Cheese Scone Friday with a coffee sounded pretty good but have been trumped by my colleagues who think wine 'tasting' with a wide selection of cheese is even better. They could be right.

Are you 'celebrating' New Zealand Cheese Month?

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