Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bake Club

I work with some great foodies. We each like to bake, savour food, explore new flavour combinations and pick through each other's ideas for inspiration. We also like to share food with family and friends and are usually the initiators of office parties, morning teas and other random occasions.

Travel and other commitments during the next few weeks has meant that the Wellington On A Plate Bake Club was not going to work for me this year. Also, I prefer to share and celebrate food and cooking, rather than use it as a form of competition ... but maybe that's just me. Having said that, these bake club entries look mouth-wateringly good. I thought about what we bakers could do to enjoy all of the above.

We've decided to start our own team Bake Club. Each week, one of us will bake something either savoury or sweet to share over coffee. We will also provide the recipe for our fellow bakers, then let the rest of the office fight among themselves for leftovers - if there are any. I'll kick things off next week, probably with gingerbread loaf from Gran's Sweet Pantry. From then on, I'll look forward to enjoying a yummy treat each week and learning some new baking tricks along the way.

Watch this space for new Bake Club recipes!

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Sab said...

That sounds like a fantastic idea! Oh man, I envy the folks at your work! ;)