Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Part of the furniture

We were talking today about an upcoming work anniversary; not a huge milestone but one that has caught some colleagues by surprise.

"Really? Only two years? I thought you were part of the furniture!" my manager commented. He attempted to get himself out of trouble by assuring me that it's a good thing, going on to say he's surprised at how much institutional and sector knowledge I've managed to gain in such a short time ... blah blah blah. He carefully backed out of the room while addressing a question to the room in general:
If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be?
Let's think about it. I used to be like this at work, but thankfully those days are over:

I know this technically isn't a piece of furniture, but it sure would be fun to be one of these:

I like the idea of being one of these, mostly just for the name but also for the images of the exuberant lifestyle it conjures up:

And then I came up with my answer: a bright, colourful and unique Tiffany lamp.

It wasn't until I got home tonight and discovered a quiz that can tell you exactly what item of furniture you are supposed to be. Of course.

A desk? No thanks. I prefer my colourful Tiffany lamp.

Go on ... what item of furniture are you?

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