Friday, 22 August 2014

Cheese Scone Friday with Dom

After three years of scrambling online the moment Wellington on a Plate tickets went on sale, I was finally successful in achieving a long-term goal: booking a place at the Dom's Cheese Scones event. In case you hadn't heard, Pravda's world famous cheese scones are my reward to myself for surviving a week with everybody still intact. Also, people are beginning to realise that the last day of the working week is aptly named Cheese Scone Friday, so it's only right that I indulge in some cheese scone goodness.

This morning's event was about learning the secrets of the best cheese scones in town. Now, I'm the first to admit that I am seriously scone challenged. I can bake a whole range of things with quite a bit of success, including bread, fancy treats and decorated cakes. But I really struggle with the basics of scones. There is something about rubbing cold butter into flour that I don't seem to have inherited the gene for.

We began by ordering coffee, then met Dom, who told us about the multitudes of cheese scones (and other baked goods) he has made during his career as a baker. I can't help wonder if he finds himself rolling cheese scones in his sleep! He showed us how to make a batch of perfect cheese scones, then we each had a go at rolling one or two into balls, ready for baking.

Dom, the cheese scone master
I won't divulge the recipe but it involves melted butter, wet hands and a light touch. The scones are quickly rolled into smooth balls and placed on a baking tray with room to grow, then topped with a cheese glaze - extra grated tasty cheese. Turning the tray every 5 or so minutes in a hot oven ensures a consistent golden finish.

Cheese Scone Friday
A huge thanks to Dom and the team at Pravda for a fun cheese scone experience. Happy Cheese Scone Friday, everyone!

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