Sunday, 29 November 2015

8 years a-blogging

Eight years is a long time. A lot can happen in eight years. In cyberspace, it can be a lifetime or two. Eight years ago, I had no idea what would happen or where things would end up when I hesitantly started my blog. Two years ago, I evolved into Caffeinated Weka, a better fit for who I am and where I'm at these days.

The phrase "eight is enough" has been rolling around my head this weekend, but that's probably because the 1970s TV programme of the same name has a certain ring to it. Eight may be enough for a number of things - but not just yet for me and my little blog.

It's hard to tell who visits these days. My Clustr map has gone awol and often spits out completely random data. StatCounter has its ups and downs, although Blogger stats for individual posts are still strong. But do stats even matter? Perhaps. They hold a vanity value, acting like an extrinsic motivator at times when the words struggle to come.

The real value for me is in the online interactions, relationships and support networks that have formed as a result of starting this blog and online persona eight years ago. Most of this happens on Twitter now. I've learned to not get disheartened by dwindling numbers (practically non-existent) of blog comments and accept that resulting interaction can happen elsewhere - and I'm good with that. I can never predict which posts will become the most viewed when I write, no matter which hashtags I use or how I publicise them. In fact, this is sometimes the most random part of blogging: wondering if anyone is out there, and then bam! the hits start coming.

So join me today for a very quiet celebration of eight years in the blogosphere. It looks like eight isn't enough and that I'm here to stay for a while longer yet. Thank you for being part of my blogging journey. :-)

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Ness said...

Okay, slightly late the party. Happy 8 years of blogging. That's so cool! :)