Monday, 2 November 2015

Kahurangi Estate wine tasting

Kahurangi Estate is a family owned winery situated in Upper Moutere near Motueka in the Nelson region. Kahurangi specialises in making quality handmade wines and features some of the oldest commercial vines planted in New Zealand. As well as producing wine locally, Kahurangi imports and distributes a range of wine, port, sherry and congnac from around the world.

Our host for last week's wine tasting evening was Wellington-based sales representative Sarah McCormick. We sampled five wines from two of Kahurangi's locally made labels (Kahurangi Estate and Trout Valley) and three imported wines, which is how I've divided up my tasting notes. We've now added an imported prosecco and a tawny port to our wine list.

Locally made wines
  • Kahurangi Estate Gewurztraminer 2013. At 13.5% alcohol and 9.5 grams of residual sugar, this off dry Gewurztraminer had an oily finish that I didn't like. Apparently it cellars well for three years.
  • Trout Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2014. The first of two sauvignon blancs we sampled was a very sweet, fruity wine with strong notes of passionfruit. It might have appealed more if it was better chilled. We'll add it to the maybe list.
  • Kahurangi Estate Sauvignon Blanc 2014. This second sav smelled amazing! The strong passionfruit notes and a light, clear colour appealed. Unfortunately, it had an awful aftertaste that I couldn't pinpoint. Sadly, what started off so promising ended up on the no list.
  • Trout Valley Pinot Gris 2015. We had much debate at our table about the tasting notes talking about "dried pears". As far as most of us are aware, dried pears wouldn't smell like much, but fresh pears could add a subtle flavour. Sadly, I couldn't taste the pears at all and once again, there was something about the aftertaste that put this wine straight on the no list.
  • Trout Valley Pinot Noir 2014. Nope. I'm still not a red wine fan.
Imported wines

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