Monday, 29 March 2010

1 year to go

Today is 29 March 2010 - just one year to go until I'm due to complete my 101 in 1001 project. Wow! My list tells me that I've completed 53 of my 101 activities. That's a little over half way, and with only one more year to go. However, looking at things a little closer I can see that some of my ongoing goals are right on track, others are easily achievable ... but there are a couple of big ones that I don't think I'll manage to tick off in one year's time.

Ongoing goals that I'm confident I will complete
  • #1: Read at least one book per month - loving this one
  • #7: Blog at least three times per week - most weeks
  • #12: Play the piano at least once a month - some months this one only just scrapes in
  • #44: Sort out/purge my teaching resources - I've started this
  • #45: Sort out/organise my MEd resources - this, too
  • #46: Organise recipes - ditto
  • #47: Digitally organise my song lyrics - and again
  • #48: Find something to be happy and thankful for each day - not easy some days, but it's how I'm trying to live my life
  • #100: Put aside $10 for each goal achieved - it's in my savings account. I just need to work out how to treat myself when I'm finished my list. :-)
Slightly bigger ongoing goals that I think will make it
  • #2: Complete two cross-stitch embroideries - I've finished one and am working on another
  • #19: Lose 12 kg - going ok (5/12 kg so far)
  • #31: Read a classic novel - I swear I'll finish Wuthering Heights one day. Ditto #67: Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
  • #92: Learn how to play the ukulele - I've started!
Small goals that should be easy enough for me to complete
  • #8: Send flowers to someone
  • #10: Bake a carrot cake - just need a special occasion to bake this for
  • #22: Feed duckies - there's bread in the freezer. I just need to get out and find some hungry ducks! (Probably not so easy now that duck shooting season has started.)
  • #34: Blow bubbles on a sunny day
  • #36: Watch the sun set with someone special
  • #37: Swing on park swings
  • #54: Walk/dance in the rain
  • #61: Taste French champagne - we've got two bottles of it just sitting there ...
  • #73: Take a train ride - and I don't mean just a commuter train ride
  • #75: Cook a 3-course meal for someone
  • #76: Knit something - struggling to find a decent pattern that isn't a scarf and doesn't look really geeky
  • #82: Make home-made sushi
  • #89: Eat waffles for breakfast/brunch - once I find somewhere that has waffles on the menu
Medium-sized goals that I should be able to manage
  • #11: Visit Somes Island - would ideally combine with/extend #21: Take a boat trip
  • #13: Walk/cycle to the Pencarrow lighthouse and have a picnic - I'll leave this until next summer
  • #23: Fly a kite (does anyone have a kite I could borrow?)
  • #25: Go berry picking - probably best left for next spring/summer
  • #30: Relax in hot mineral pools - I'm thinking Taupo or Hanmer Springs (a mini-holiday?)
  • #38: Go to the zoo
  • #39: Host a brunch for friends
  • #40: Visit Karori Wildlife Sanctuary
  • #49: Go to the Scarecrow Festival in Gladstone - it's in November
  • #70: Host a girls’ craft session - anyone keen? 
  • #24, #98, #99: Buy artwork/prints - I was determined to wait until I have walls to put them on, but the order might now have to be reversed
Big(ish) goals that I'd really like to do but might be a struggle to organise
  • #9: Swim with dolphins
  • #17/#18: Get my new band (and website) going - this one's not entirely up to me, and I'm dependent on two others to help make it happen
  • #32: Add at least two more countries’ stamps to my passport - I've done one, but finances might mean the second one has to wait a while, unless I can find a cheap package deal to a Pacific Island.
  • #50: Ride in a hot air balloon
Goals I'd like to achieve but realistically don't think I'll make
  • #3: Buy a house - I didn't anticipate my financial situation being so dry in recent times, and it doesn't look to change just yet
  • #101 - possibly, but it's not entirely up to me. If it happens, you'll read about it here. ;-)
Do you have any lists you're working on? Is anyone else still with me on their own 101 in 1001 journey?


Anonymous said...

you are doing great! you can just add the ones that are not completed to a new 101 in 1001 list next year!

Jen said...

I'd help with #70, but Canada's a little far away ;)

Sounds like you'll have a lot to keep you busy for the next year.

Donna said...

You're doing amazing!!! I'd definately go to the Zoo. We did that here just because and it was so much fun!!!

Sab said...

I love looking at your list... you are giving me ideas for my next list!

Why don't you try to make your own waffles and eat them instead of getting them from a restaurant? It's not too hard... time consuming, yes, but not difficult!