Friday, 5 March 2010

Bubble bath

At Christmas time, I was spoiled by my sweetie who bought me a selection of bath ballistics from Lush, makers of the most divine range of handmade cosmetics, bath products, and soaps that look and smell good enough to eat. Seeing how I oohed and aahed over their gorgeous products while we had a few hours to kill in a shopping mall (not literally - obviously we didn't kill anyone), he found their main shop in town and chose some treats for me for Christmas.

It's rare that I have a bath for relaxation, but it's a luxury that I certainly enjoy. Tonight, with an empty house, a tired body, and three luxurious bath ballistics to choose from, it's time to tick off another 101 in 1001 activity: #43 - Have a bubble bath. Such a simple pleasure, yet one I've taken almost two years to do. Tonight's selection is called Lush Lil Pud (well, it was seasonal when he bought it). It smelled absolutely delicious and bubbled and fizzed all around me when I dropped it into the hot water. The photo (taken on my phone - excuse the quality) only looks half as cute as it did in real life.

Lil Lush Pud
Thanks, sweetie - you sure know how to make me feel good. :-) Now, my book and bed are calling ...


Kiwi Cakes said...

OOH I love the lush products!. Just don't leave it 2 more years! to do it again

Kellee said...

Baths have always been one of my favourite ways to relax, however I haven't lived in a place with one since 2002...the luxury is definitely a rarity, but one I almost instantly jump on given the chance :)

Oh, and Lush is just divine :)