Friday, 23 April 2010

Musical interlude

Time for a little musical interlude. Some random, nostalgic picks to make you smile on a Friday.

I have yet to see the movie Boy (2010), the coming-of-age film by Taika Waititi, but hope to get to it while it's still showing in theatres. I chuckled as I read his tweet this morning about "Poi E":
I do declare! After 26 years the song "Poi E" (from BOY) is now back in the NZ top 40!!! Let's try and get it to #1 by Christmas!!!
How choice would that be? ;-) So, here's a bit of nostalgia for everyone growing up in New Zealand in the 1980s.

I changed the default ringtone on my mobile phone this week, after realising how much I hated my old one, yet still managed to keep it for 2-3 phones over the years. I think this is a much better choice. It's also what I want played at my funeral, complete with the heckling and Zoot's wrong note at the end.

And while we're still reminiscing about the 80s, the Ghost Busters theme was all the rage when we were kids, even if my friend and I had nightmares after going to see it at the movies for her 9th birthday.

And, finishing with the 80s, this was the height of cool when we were kids, even if we were far too young to see the movie Beverly Hills Cop (1984). We would all try to play it on our classroom keyboard. I had recently started piano lessons so considered this to give me a bit of a head start, although that wasn't necessarily true. Axel F by Harold Faltermeyer - not a stupid frog in sight!

Enjoy!! :-)

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Juli Ryan said...

Can't wait to see Boy. Love Beverly Hills Cop. Have seen it so many times!