Saturday, 29 January 2011

Two months to go

Wow, just two months until my 101 in 1001 project officially wraps up on 29 March 2011! The countdown is on. I realised on New Year's Day that I wasn't going to complete everything on the list by the due date but am still keen to keep going with the activities afterwards. That decision still stands. I have 70 activities full completed and several more ongoing goals which will be done by the end of March. That's a grand total of 17 more than where I was at  ten months ago. Here's a roundup of where I'm at with two months to go.

Ongoing goals that I'm confident I will complete
  • #1: Read at least one book per month - yep, all good.
  • #7: Blog at least three times per week - ditto.
  • #12: Play the piano at least once a month - getting better with this one.
  • #44: Sort out/purge my teaching resources - a little bit more to do here.
  • #45: Sort out/organise my MEd resources - same thing.
  • #46: Organise recipes - nearly done.
  • #48: Find something to be happy and thankful for each day - a good thing to remind myself of each day
  • #100: Put aside $10 for each goal achieved - I'm up to $700 and thinking about how to spend it.
Slightly bigger ongoing goals that I think will make it
  • #2: Complete two cross-stitch embroideries - nearly there - about another month to go on my current project.
Small goals that should be easy enough for me to complete
  • #8: Send flowers to someone
  • #73: Take a train ride - and I don't mean just a commuter train ride.
  • #76: Knit something - I'm going to visit knitsch when she opens up her yarn shop at the end of February.
  • #82: Make home-made sushi - a friend is going to show me how.
  • #89: Eat waffles for breakfast/brunch - still looking for a cafe that serves waffles.
 Medium-sized goals that I should be able to manage (with some effort)
  • #11: Visit Somes Island - just waiting for a sunny day when we are not too busy.
  • #13: Walk/cycle to the Pencarrow lighthouse and have a picnic - might make this one weekend.
  • #23: Fly a kite - we just bought one for my sweetie's nephew's birthday and it made me think about flying it with him.
  • #25: Go berry picking - might be running out of time for this one.
  • #38: Go to the zoo - I need to grab my nephew on a sunny day and go with him.
  • #39: Host a brunch for friends - it just might not be at our place.
  • #40: Visit Karori Wildlife Sanctuary - weather and time permitting
  • #70: Host a girls’ craft session - anyone keen? 
  • #24, #98, #99: Buy artwork/prints - still not sure whether I'll wait until I have walls first. It would be cheating to spend my 101 money on achieving more goals ...
Big(ish) goals that I'd really like to do but realistically won't be able to finish
  • #9: Swim with dolphins
  • #19: Lose 12 kg - still going with this one. Hope to keep on track but probably won't make the whole 12 kg.
  • #32: Add at least two more countries’ stamps to my passport - the second stamp is just not going to happen by the end of March.
  • #50: Ride in a hot air balloon
Goals I'm going to put on hold
  • #3: Buy a house - probably not.
  • #101 - definitely won't happen by the end of March, if at all.
So, according to my calculations, that means I will easily complete another nine activities, am likely to do five, will possibly do all or some of eleven more, and will have six left incomplete by the due date. That's going to have to do - I'll keep going after 29 March 201, though, as they are still things I'd like to do.

How's your 101 in 1001 list going? Or are you working on another project?

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Alli said...

Good job! You're almost there and you've done so much. I already have some that I question if I'll finish by the time I'm done (or ones that should be steady - like photo a day - which are hard to remember).

Thanks so much, you were my motivation to start 101!

I wish you the best with your last two months!