Saturday, 26 March 2011

Heaven food

Years ago, I read The Lovely Bones, a novel by Alice Sebold. In it, the main character, Susie, is raped and murdered and watches over her family from heaven. The great thing about heaven in this novel is that it is entirely created by the imagination and dreams of the person who has died. Actually, it turns out that Susie is in limbo, but that's not the point. (That's not a spoiler, either; it sets the scene for the movie.) The movie of the same name didn't quite capture what I imagined Susie's heaven (or limbo) to look like, but there were elements that worked out fine.

Anyway, shortly after reading the novel, some friends and I were discussing 'our' heavens. The conversation turned to food. What food would you eat in your heaven, continuously and for all of eternity? (Don't worry about the side effects or calories - this is heaven. You'll be fine.) My heaven food list looked like this:
  • chocolate (you can also drink this - clever isn't it?)
  • cheese
  • cashew nuts.
Many years on, my list remains in tact. You see, I've been pretty smart. Some of my heaven foods come in various different forms, which means I'd still have variety. However, from time to time I think about what else I might include in my heaven food list. If I were to extend it, here's what I'd add:
  • strawberries
  • coffee (made by my favourite barista)
  • home grown Italian tomatoes
  • hot cross buns
  • raspberry cream buns (but without the jam - my guilty pleasure, although it's been years since I last had one)
  • tiramisu (or any Southern/Central Italian creme-based dessert).
How about you? What food (or drinks) would make it to your heaven food list? Be prepared to eat it continuously for all of eternity ...


Kelly said...

I concur with tiramisu, coffee, chocolate and strawberries. I would also add pizza, bread, cheese and creme brulee.


Anonymous said...

pepperoni, any fatty meat really, cheese and crackers, definitely chocolate, etc

i loved the lovely bones and agree with what you said about the movie

anothercookiecrumbles said...

Love the post! So, my heaven food:

Pizza, Raclette, Chocolate, any kind of cheese really, Rosti (do you see a theme here?), and cheesecake.