Saturday, 5 March 2011

Ongoing goals

The end of my Project 101 in 1001 is near! I have already conceded that I won't complete all the activities on my list before my official finishing date of 29 March 2011. That's ok, as I will keep working towards them - they are still things I want to do.

In nearing the end, it's time to evaluate some of the ongoing goals and activities that I set for the whole duration of the project. Here's a roundup of those activities.

#1: Read at least one book per month
This has been a most enjoyable goal. Although it seems like a relatively simple goal, some months have seen me left with very little time to read for pleasure.

#7: Blog at least three times per week
I have managed to do this across all three of my blogs (including Project 365) and will aim to continue for the foreseeable future.

#12: Play the piano at least once a month
I long for the day when I can retrieve my piano from my parents' music studio and have space for it in my own home. In the meantime, I have made do by playing for short stints when I visit for family dinners.

#48: Find something to be happy and thankful for each day
OK, so it's not yet the end of the month and I still have some days to go, but I think on balance I have achieved this goal, even when times have been tough. Given recent events, I have soooooo much to be happy and thankful for.

#100: Put aside $10 for each goal achieved
This money has built up. Although I haven't finished the whole project yet, I have managed to transfer $10 for each activity completed into my savings account - the total currently sits at $750 and growing. Now, what to spend it on to reward myself ...?


Alli said...

Amazing! You sure inspired me and I love your first goal (it's very similar to one of my own). I tend to use my 101 as an excuse to myself to take a little time away from school work to read a book for pleasure - so glad I did!

I think it's great that you've worked so hard at your goals, even if you don't complete all 101. It's an amazing effort and you've accomplished a lot! You should be proud. How much did you enjoy completing your 101?

Donna said...

Congrats! Are you going to make another list! I've totally enjoyed your journey!

Café Chick said...

This has been an incredibly enjoyable journey (and there's still a little way to go yet!). Having said that, I don't know if I'll rush straight into another list just yet, as I will still have some unfinished business from this one that I want to address first. :-)