Monday, 7 March 2011

Sorting out resources

OK, we're getting down to the nitty gritty. Two 101 in 1001 activities I have attempted on several occasions (and this one, too) have been hanging over my head for far too long. #44: Sort out/purge my teaching resources and #45 Sort out/organise my MEd resources aren't as easy as they sound. Part of these tasks have also been psychological; I know I'm no longer a teacher in the traditional sense (and don't wish to be) but I still possess the magpie instinct that many (or most) teachers have. "This might come in handy one day."

This weekend, I was at the stage of re-sorting the stuff I'd already sorted and put away in boxes on previous occasions. I'd kept too much stuff 'just in case' and needed to purge it for once and for all. In among all my notes and resources, I came across this quote:
"In order to move forward, we need to leave something behind."
Michael Pohl
So very true! With renewed vigour, I extracted copious amounts of by-products of trees which are now destined for recycling. Some things made it to the bin; others went in my 'take to work' pile - and only things that I know I will actually use or refer to. My nephew was thrilled with the collection of fancy stickers. gel pens and colourful note paper that he acquired.

  • I still couldn't quite bring myself to throw out my curriculum documents. I know they're (almost) obsolete with a new curriculum, but I'll wait until I can say the first half of this sentence without the word in brackets before disposing of them altogether.
  • A few poetry books and thinking resources are still in my boxes. Just because.
  • Because I can access the majority of my research resources digitally if I need them (they're well-referenced), most of the paper copies of readings are now headed for the recycling bin. However, I couldn't get rid of my course books of readings yet, 'just in case' I'm ever silly enough to start the PhD that is lurking at the very back of my mind.
  • I have been looking for my gun stapler for a looooong time. I'd been told that you're not a teacher if you don't have a gun stapler. There is nothing that a gun stapler (or a glue gun) cannot do! Although I'm no longer a teacher, I still really, really wanted my gun stapler. I found it in the final box of stuff I was sorting. I am now ready to take on the world!


Donna said...

way to go!

Sab said...

Yeah! Doesn't it feel good?

I have so much sorting to do, again. Sigh. And spring cleaning, too, once this renovating is done.

Good luck on the rest of your list! :)