Friday, 24 June 2011

First world problems

I quite like the Twitter hashtag #firstworldproblems. Much like my #DailyBitch tweets, it is a way for spoilt brats the world over to realise just how they're behaving while still having a moan. Yep, we know that there are really tough things and unspeakable horrors happening out there. Some are closer than others; I can't begin to imagine how hard it would be living in Christchurch after all the earthquakes. So, #firstworldproblems is a fun way of letting off steam while quietly getting over ourselves. There's even a website dedicated to collecting all the moaning tweets using this hashtag.

I've had a few #firstworldproblems this week. The list includes, but is not exclusive to, the following:
  • Our regular barista at work is on holiday for four days. Four days! (Work days, that is.) Colleagues brave enough to experiment with the replacement barista's coffee either poured theirs out or left their drinks unfinished. Some even resorted to drinking instant coffee. I know - unheard of! So, to recap, we've had four days of:

    • bad coffee
    • scalded milk
    • no coffee at all. (I chose this option - I figure it's safer than being disappointed.)
  • Cheese Scone Friday was thwarted not only by our barista's absence, but also because a catering order must have taken priority in the cafeteria kitchen meaning the cook resorted to using pre-made generic scone dough from the freezer and sprinkling some grated cheese on top. Most were left still unsold at the end of the day.
  • Installation of our new kitchen is progressing slowly. Things always take longer than anticipated but, remember, I am coffee-free at the moment and without a hot plate at home to make coffee for myself.
  • I will probably miss Wellington Open Day on Sunday because I'll be sorting out the new kitchen and making sure the new flatmate is ok moving in. His room is currently filled with the contents from our old kitchen and the lounge contains cabinets and finishings ready for the new kitchen.
  • Our scenic helicopter flight has been delayed so many times since early May due to bad weather that we're now on a waitlist to be called at short notice if the weather is fine during the day each weekend.
  • It's only just started snowing at Ruapehu, one week out from our ski trip next weekend. What is a ski trip without snow? Well, actually, this is my idea of a snow weekend, but you know what I mean.
Such a hard life! (I know - not really. In fact, I don't believe that at all.) What #firstworldproblems have you been suffering this week?


Donna said...

having to wait to sign a lease for the new apartment until next week

living with my parents and being driven insane by family

But other than that, life is good. LOL

Alli said...

I love first world problems. Yours certainly are frustrating though. During the school year I have a certain barista I like and I've learned that if she's not there I won't be getting coffee. For some reason no other barista seems to make the drinks like she does. Don't they all follow a chart??? That's on campus. Our Starbucks is consistently good at least.

I saw on twitter though that's she's back so that's good news!

Scone days.... how dreamy! I didn't have a scone until my junior year of college and now it's on my MUST TRY list for baking. :)