Saturday, 18 June 2011

Travel envy

Over a leisurely coffee on a dreary and rainy Saturday afternoon, I read a column in The Dominion Post by writer Craig Cliff called Travel sickness. He's not talking about the various ailments including, but not exclusive to, Delhi belly or sunburn that can turn even the most lavish dream holiday into an expensive nightmare. Instead, Cliff was describing society's preoccupation with travel envy, where anywhere else but here seems like a better place to be right now. He refers to this as the 11th commandment: thou shalt not cover thy neighbour's OE.

Think about it. Yesterday, I learned of the travel plans of two colleagues. One is going to spend two weeks travelling around Israel and France while the other looks forward to 3 1/2 weeks in northern Argentina in September. This is on top of the workmate who is currently languishing in the UK for three weeks. Apart from an upcoming skiing weekend at a mountain that has yet to see any snow, I have nothing to contribute to these conversations except for a fleetingly envious drool. I'm doing it now! As we approach the winter solstice, warm and exotic destinations seem more enticing than ever.

On occasion, when I have had an exciting holiday to look forward to, I've been fascinated by the response from people I've told. Almost every time, I hear my pet hate comment: "oh, you're so lucky!" Lucky? Luck has very little to do with saving for, planning, booking and organising anything, unless of course I'd won the lot. Now that would be lucky. (I'm still working on it.)

As someone whose list of places I'd like to travel to exceeds even my TBR list, it's not hard to evoke a bit of travel envy in me. Give it a try; are you planning an exciting trip (big or small) right now? Or are you also experiencing travel envy? Go on - make me envious.


Kate @ UpsideBackwards said...

I've just got back from the US, UK, and Finland. I find the cure for travel envy is a recent long trip - I heard of someone heading to Ireland and instead of my usual "Awwww!" all I could think was "Oh, glad I don't have to fly to Europe, such a long trip..."
Give me a month, I will have forgotten the trials of economy class and will be ready to plan the next one!

Café Chick said...

Ooh, I have followed your travel tweets and blogging with hugely envious thoughts! I've never travelled anything other than cattle class and so every time I hear about people getting upgraded on long haul flights is enough to start me drooling, too.

Alli said...

Oh goodness I have incredible amounts of travel envy! My guy and I have no money right now and what we do have goes towards rent and food. During the school year we don't have time to work (and keep grades up) but he just got a summer job. Since I'm still in grad school I'm not making a dime.

I want nothing more right now than to travel. Although, here in the US people generally travel to other states. It's a lot easier and there is a broad experience across the country.

However, my heart lies overseas. I've always had a thing for Britain. I would love to travel abroad but it costs more money. Plus my money is worth about half as much in the UK right now.

I do tend to tell people they're lucky when they go on vacation but at my age, well, that's about half right. Their parents save up and plan but people my age are just told "Oh, we're going to Florence this summer!". One of my friends is going to Italy and Rome at the end of our graduate school courses.

I'm a little jealous because my dad just spent money on his THIRD wedding and left today for a cruise (honeymoon - third time around). So basically instead of a family vacation I'm in my little city for another year.

My best hope is that Noah and I can afford a honeymoon after our own wedding but it might be to somewhere in the States.... I still have "visit Charleston, SC" and "go to Britain" on my 101 list so who knows, maybe one will get marked off with the honeymoon?

I can't make you envious, unless you want to come stateside and be in summer months (that is much appreciated - winter was so long this year!). If you ever do come to Virginia, stop by and say hello!

AND, I'd like to ask, if you came to America what would you be interested in visiting? What's your favorite part of New Zealand?

Sorry it's long-winded but your post really got me thinking and I'd love to read some responses about where people are traveling to!

Alli said...

One more thing (to add to that incredibly long post - SORRY)....

I just hear OE for the first time yesterday! I love that, but we don't use it in the States, or at least not in Virginia!

Kez said...

I'm with you on that Travel Envy wagon!
I had a Contiki tour booked for August, but now I can't go on account of getting more pregnant!
I have had to listen to my friends (and family) talk about their upcoming tours of Europe and it kills me a little (even though my reason for not going is still pretty awesome)!!
I wanted to do Europe before kids, so it's kind of a little goodbye to a dream (or at least a reassessment - I'm a positive thinker).
Sometimes I admit the selfish brat in me refuses to look at travel blogs because it hurts so much haha.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I permanently have travel envy!! But I have finally realised that it's up to me, and so I'm heading to Europe for 6-8 weeks around Christmas :) So excited!!!

Also tip: do not check out Petite Voyagers blog...the envy almost kills me every time :p

Café Chick said...

Well, it seems that travel envy is alive and well. I thought I was a desperate case looking enviously at the latest dots on my Clustr map and imagining exotic holidays there. Glad to hear I'm not the only one!

Alli, there are so many awesome points in your comment that it will take a few more posts to get to them - so I will, when I get a chance. All I know is that I will have lifetime memories of all the places I have been to and the things I have seen (good or bad). I wonder why I don't travel more often, then?

Alli said...

You should check out my post from today (Monday)! If you'd be willing to do a post that'd be GREAT. :) You were my inspiration.

business travel companies said...

I am planning to go backpack travel but until now, I can't do it due to schedule. I want to try Asian backpacking.

W.C.Camp said...

I think travel is wonderful but it is always strange how no matter where you live people think SOMEWHERE ELSE is the best??? For those whose budgets are tight, plan a quick trip to somewhere new and different but also in your own back yard!!! Nice post! W.C.C.