Friday, 21 October 2011

Things I have learned recently

They say you learn something new every day. That's certainly true in my profession. However, there are times when the things you learn really take you by surprise and at times when you least expect it.

Here are some examples of things I have learned recently and that have had me scratching my head in wonder:
  • It's not dodgy; it's different. Looking at things differently makes something dodgy ok. Apparently.
  • There is a thing called chattiquete, ie etiquette for online chats. After 10+ years in e-learning, this was news to me. If you want to say something, you type in !. If you want to ask a question, it's ? and if you have finished the conversation, it's ///. Well, I'll be!///
  • Once you know that a colleague announced at a workshop that she wasn't wearing any undies that day, it is very hard to take anything she says seriously from then on in. Unfortunately, you can't unring a bell.
  • Griffins Collisions sound good and taste mighty fine, but between you and me I actually prefer the original flavours on their own. There, I've said it.
  • Waking up thinking it's Saturday when it is actually just Tuesday morning is no fun at all. It is even less fun when you do it two weeks in a row.
  • When a grownup says they like Katy Perry, sometimes they're not joking. !
What have you learned recently that has caused you to raise an eyebrow?


Anonymous said...

Oh, the comment about the panty-less coworker cracks me up! What would posess someone to share that?

Donna said...

Oh wow- LOL I'm laughing at the co worker--

Susan said...

*giggling at "can't unring a bell". I never heard that statement before and it gave me a chuckle. See you've got some really great things to blog about! I'm not totally sure I learned anything today, oh yes, wait, one thing I did learn ... it takes me more than 12 seconds to cross the wide busy street and I know this because the countdown started at 12 and I hadn't made it to the sidewalk when the horns started to blare at slowpoke me!