Sunday, 30 October 2011

Summer's coming

Spring is my favourite season of the year for many reasons, one of which is that summer is on the way and the best is still to come. I'm not a beach babe by any description and reach a melting point somewhere around 25°C, but the thought of long days and heaps of sunshine are a welcome tonic for my soul.

Signs that summer is almost here:
  • I can safely wear 3/4 pants and short sleeve tops all day without worrying if the 5 spare layers of clothing I have brought with me will be enough to be keep me warm later in the day.
  • My straw sunhat gradually becomes an essential item of clothing.
  • White limbs are everywhere you look. Some are practically translucent!
  • 50+ women proudly put their cankles on display. (I'll never understand this one.)
  • Barbeques become the most commonly planned meal, even for those of us who are only just barbeque-tolerant.
  • Days no longer end as soon as I arrive home from work. In fact, it's almost like there's still another half a day to go before bedtime. Bonus!
  • Jandals become uniform footwear.
  • Gelato becames my preferred means for ingesting calcium and dairy products. 
  • Strawberries and other summer fruits start appearing in shops and gardens. 
  • Lawnmowers and weedeaters provide the soundtrack during daylight hours on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • I can get 17 loads of washing done and dried outside in a single day. *
 What are your telltale signs that summer is on the way?

* Actual numbers may vary, but you get the point.


Kez said...

I don't know quite how to explain it but summer has this smell or feel in the air that I just love.
Also, I love when it's acceptable to wear your thongs, your bathers and a sundress all day every day :)
I love the spontaneity of bbqs with friends and relatives, sunday sessions at the pub and everyone being relaxed (even if they do have to work).

Quite Simply Kellie said...

Ooooh, I know summer's on the way when:
I can put my vintage fire screen up and stash away the wood basket.
I swap my flannelette sheets for cotton sheets.
Reduce the three duvets to two and find myself throwing one off in the middle of the night.
Socks become redundant.

I love summer :)

Alli said...

That is uncanny! Hah. Of course our winter is here far too early in my opinion. Fall is my favorite season and it seems like mother nature is ready to jump right past that. in a span of three days we went from 72 degrees to 30 which is crazy!

Thought I'd let you know that I had to google what "jandals" were. I had never heard of them! Then I saw that they were flip flops. I love that you can learn something new through blogging!

Plus, I like knowing people around the world to see that you're entering spring while we're heading into winter. I love this.

Susan said...

Summer!? *sigh*.... I really shouldn't be jealous since I was Miss Complainalot always complaining about the heat and wishing fall would arrive. Well, it's fall here in Canada and Winter's coming. Guess I'll just have to live vicariously through your blog for the next couple of months.