Sunday, 5 February 2012

Cheese scone obsession

I love cheese scones. My Twitter followers will know that Cheese Scone Friday is something I look forward to each week. I figure that if I've survived the week (particularly the nightmares I have been enduring recently), I deserve a treat on Fridays and a freshly baked cheese scone with my daily coffee does the trick.

Then there's my weekend coffee indulgence. I am lucky enough to live in an area where the supply of good coffee is plentiful and within just a few minutes' walk from home. If one of my regular cafés are full, I'm literally a minute's walk from another. That was very lucky today.

A friend who lives in Rotorua will drive to the other side of town for what she claims are the world's best custard squares. I thought that was a bit extreme until I realised today that I had walked out of one of my favourite cafés before ordering simply because they had run out of cheese scones. Even though their counter was filled with plenty of other yummy food choices, I wanted a cheese scone and nothing else would do. I found one further up the road and settled in with coffee and the Sunday newspaper before wondering if I'd developed a cheese scone obsession. Surely not?!

Apart from good coffee (which goes without saying), what food item would/do you go out of your way for?

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LatteJunkie said...

The feta and red onion scones at Aromas Cafe in Upper Hutt.

And for lunch - Jetty Cafe in Petone. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Sweet things - white mudcake or brownies at the Short Straw Cafe in Whitemans Valley...