Friday, 9 August 2013

Pop-up chocolate factory

Wellington on a Plate got off to a fine start today. It's a great time to be living and working in Wellington with so much going around us. Despite every effort, I missed out on the festival events I wanted to go to so decided to indulge in a feast of lunches and social get-togethers with friends and colleagues.

We started today by visiting the pop-up chocolate factory at Queens Wharf. I think one of the reasons I like pop-up shops so much is my fondness of spontaneity. I was delighted to see George from Bohemien Chocolates hosting this pop-up chocolate factory. I really enjoyed his chocolate class last year and now really really resolve to try tempering chocolate at home like I said I would all those months ago.
Mmmm, chocolate
$5 gets you some latex gloves and a sexy hairnet so you can make your own truffles. The truffles start out as blocks of dark ganache for you to shape with your hands and then roll in chopped almonds, cocoa, coconut or hundreds and thousands. There's one to guzzle on the spot and two to take away in a cellophane bag and make your colleagues jealous when you walk back into the office.
Make your own truffles
... and the 'secret' ingredient in the ganache is delicious Heilala vanilla paste. Believe me, that stuff is magic!
Chocolate treats for afternoon tea
The pop-up chocolate factory is around for a week or so. Check out the event page for dates and times. It's a fun way to spend your lunch break.

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