Thursday, 15 August 2013

WOAP lunch: Fork & Brewer

Another day, another wonderful Wellington on a Plate lunch. Today, a group from work went to Fork & Brewer on Bond Street. The Fork's bar is a gigantic keg with awesome tap handles all around the edges. The place has had a makeover recently and the restaurant section revamped.

The $25 two course set menu is accompanied by a house beer brewed on site and the options for each course makes it really hard to choose. An entree and a main? A main and a dessert? An entree and a dessert? Our group had various combinations of each while some went with the Burger Wellington option. I settled on a main and dessert with a glass of bronze medal award winning Storm Chaser, a deliciously smooth, dark wheat beer.

The penne pasta tossed with Randwick bacon, leeks and Wairarapa olives, topped with (a teeny tiny bit of) Kapiti parmesan cheese made for a good main with flavours that went well together.

Pasta topped with bacon, leeks and olives
I finished lunch in the best possible way with the Whittaker's bitter chocolate and stout pot with chocolate shavings and Chantilly cream. Oh so smooth and creamy rich, it went well with the last of my beer. *contented sigh*

Heaven in a cup
A long, leisurely lunch resulted in a slightly less-than-productive afternoon for our group but a very happy office. :-)

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