Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Accommodation available

We have accommodation available at our place. It's quite modest and might not appeal to everyone but would be perfect for the right tenant. It's a bit bare at the moment as it has been vacant over winter but we promise that the leaves will arrive soon, making it a cosily furnished home. Ideally, we like a tui or pair of tui to move in to this tree in our backyard for summer. A family of four would also be comfortable there. Guests are welcome to stay after summer but we usually find they migrate elsewhere for winter.

We can offer lots of benefits and are very hospitable housemates, as previous tui will attest to. There are other trees in the area that are good for visiting during the day or to shelter in when the wind picks up. Cats (including ours) don't tend to climb up this tree so safety is assured. There are also stunning views of sunsets all summer long. You could probably even see the beach from that high up! The best bit is the price tag: free.

We have been excitedly anticipating the arrival of tui in our trees ever since they started returning to the area at the end of winter, but none have appeared. Perhaps they just haven't found our tree yet or would prefer the furniture to grow first?

Others are gradually taking up residence nearby and we eagerly await our very own tui to sing to us each day. We don't expect spectacular whistling but enjoy recognising 'our' tui when we hear them in the neighbourhood. Last year's tui sounded like a car alarm, which was highly amusing. A baby tui singing a simple note or two would be welcome, so long as they move on to other sounds after a while. For those aspiring to tui greatness, they might like to watch this video of WoofWoof the talking tui, who lived to a ripe old age of 16 and entertained bird lovers the world over.

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