Thursday, 12 September 2013


Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes it arrives at completely random times and places. At other times, it involves some serious woolgathering requiring precious time out from reality but resulting in a solution for the world's problems. Today's spontaneous txt from a friend asking, "Got time for coffee?" has left me refreshed and able to tackle the big job I've been pondering for a few days. Who would have thought that time away from a desk can actually be more productive than the number of hours spent chained to it? ;-)

A few months ago, I was in the middle of a huge project that I felt was going nowhere fast but with a looming deadline. A friend asked me to see the Warhol: Immortal exhibition at Te Papa with her. I wasn't sure I could spare the time but really wanted to see the exhibition so made a bold decision to go anyway. Lo and behold, as I was getting onto the bus home afterwards, I could suddenly see a great solution to a problem I'd been grappling with all day. It took just an hour the next morning to redo my previous day's work but in a far better way. Yep, time out and a change of scenery is usually far more productive for me than pressing on with the same thing and wondering why it isn't working.

I don't know about you, but some of my best ideas actually come while I'm in the shower. No, seriously! I had a brainwave the other day about something else I've been trying to develop for a while now. Suddenly, I had an idea for the way forward that all made sense. I relayed my idea to a colleague, who clearly was impressed. "Maybe we should get a shower at work?" she suggested, before realising that there is one on the ground floor that gym bunnies sometimes use after lunch, but it's probably less relaxing or inspiring than having a shower at home. "How about a spa pool instead?" she countered. Now there's a good idea!

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