Friday, 6 September 2013

Wine list

Although I seldom drink alcohol, I enjoy perusing wine and cocktail lists at restaurants (before inevitably asking for my water glass to be refilled). My partner and I play a game where we look for the most expensive bottle on the list before dismissing it for 'quality' reasons or because it looks too cheap at just $850. Apparently people do buy those expensive wines, though, even if it is just to make themselves look like big spenders in front of others. I've yet to see it myself but wonder just how many bottles of the good stuff restaurants actually keep in stock just in case. Not many, I'd imagine.

We have a wine list. It came about after many conversations in supermarket alcohol sections that went something like this:
"Shall we get some wine? We have that dinner/party/thing coming up. What's on special this week?"
"All these. What do you feel like?"
"I don't know. What was that one we had the other week? That was nice."
*insert guessed wine brand/type/year here*
*repeat several times*
"Have we had this one before? Did we like it?" (picking vaguely familiar bottle off shelf) ... and so on.
And so we started collating the list. It began as a note on my old phone but is currently in need of updating and transferring to Google Drive so we can both access it from our smartphones and/or online. The intention is to sort it into three categories: yes, maybe/ok (if under a certain price) and definitely no. Then, we record the brand, type, year and brief notes (like "very fruity" sav blanc or "unoaked" chardonnay) so we're never caught out buying something we know we don't like just because the label is familiar. It's a work in progress. However, I can assure you there are no $800 bottles of wine on our list ... yet.

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Ness said...

You rock! I love this so much! Speaks to my love of lists.....