Friday, 14 August 2015

WOAP lunch: Grill Meats Beer

It's Wellington on a Plate time! Two and a half weeks to indulge in local food is a great way to end of what has been a long and dreary winter. To celebrate the start of Welly on a Plate 2015 today, twelve of us had lunch at Grill Meats Beer. The set lunch menu features a choice of two courses plus a Wellington regional beverage. There is also a Burger Wellington option available for $26.

I found choosing just two courses from the set menu difficult. Looking at what everybody at our table ordered, I can quite honestly say that I'd have been happy with any combination of the six options. I settled on a main course, dessert and a glass of GMB homemade lemonade - delightfully bitter and very lemony.

GMB homemade lemonade
My main course was a perfectly cooked garlic and miso marinated rare bavette with black bean and harissa hash. After drooling over everybody's entrees and seeing all the delicious meals being served around the restaurant, I was well and truly ready to tuck into this course. Two of our boys loved their burgers - and we enjoyed watching them trying to eat them politely. We may bring bibs next time. ;-)

Bavette with black bean and harissa hash
And then, dessert: Whittaker's malted milk chocolate sundae with salted caramel and peanut brownie crumbs. The peanut brownie crumbs were just like the biscuits Mum used to make when we were kids and the salted caramel and malt combination finished it off beautifully.

Malted milk chocolate sundae
There was a long wait for service as the restaurant was so busy with several groups booked at the same time for the opening of Welly on a Plate. Luckily afternoon meetings could be put on hold, as most of us were all at lunch together anyway. There's now a very full and contented air about the office to end the week.

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