Sunday, 27 January 2008

Coffee snobs, be heard!

I'm a coffee snob. (You say I'm a coffee snob like it's a bad thing? lol) I'm proud of it! I figure that if you're going to drink coffee, you'd may as well be discerning and do it properly. None of this instant, filtered, or budget stuff!

Unfortunately, there are many who don't understand my disposition towards good coffee. Fortunately, there are a growing number who do.New Zealand Coffee Review lets you share your opinion about the coffee at a café, and not just the food, ambiance, service etc. The site is a bit clunky and in its early days in terms of being populated with reviews, but it's growing. I'll most likely start adding comments in the upcoming weeks. It is a national (NZ) site and you can post comment on existing cafés listed or start new ones. Coffee critics, unite!

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