Thursday, 31 January 2008

My latest addiction

Scrabble + fabulous = Scrabulous. I've been a Facebook addict for a few months, adding information and populating my page with useless trivia all about meeeeeeeee, resisting the temptation to add applications promising to reveal how many children I would have, what flower I would be, and who thinks I'm hot. Games have come and gone, but who would have thought that a board game from my childhood would become my latest online addiction?

I love Scrabulous. There's something oddly satisfying about logging on to Facebook before and after work to see who has played their next move, and what weird and bizarre words the dictionary will accept today. I can easily see why it is one of Facebook's most popular application. But Hasbro and Mattel don't seem to keen to share the world's excitement. The Facebook community have reacted with a mix of shock and horror. I agree. Aarrgghhhh!!

I have 3-4 active games going at a time, and my stats are generally 50-50. I even insisted on going online while on holiday to play my next moves. I'll eventually move on and find a new obssession, but in the meantime, I dread the day when I find a notification in Facebook saying that Scrabulous has been shut down or 'modified' ... heaven forbid it might happen while I'm still addicted!

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