Friday, 4 January 2008

Happy Hens

I made it to Dunedin after a 5+ hour bus ride. Another one to Te Anau tomorrow, even though I've decided that one night is definitely not long enough to spend in Dunedin.

I met up with an old work friend this afternoon and she took me touring the sights of Dunedin's peninsula. Among the beautiful scenery of the inlets, the beaches, Dunedin's harbour, and Portobello, we came across the home of Happy Hens. I love these creatures and have given them to several friends as birthday presents over the years. We met Yvonne Sutherland, the Happy Hens creator, and I rediscovered my love for the Pencilled Hamburg variety. I'm determined to buy a set of them once I am back home and don't have to carry them camping, but in the meantime will make do with a very cool hand-painted fridge magnet. I also discovered tonight that these adorable creatures have their own blog!

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Happy Hens said...

Hello Cafe Chick, just discovered your blog when looking through our site stats. We have enjoyed your blog and are glad you love the little hens.

The best of luck from the team at Happy Hens