Saturday, 18 October 2008

Buy a dress

We have a ball to go to next weekend and, not surprisingly, I had nothing to wear to it. I fixed that today: I bought a dress. A ball dress from one of my favourite clothing stores, Staxs.

I also did what I hate; I was out shopping for a mattress with my sweetie, and we stopped for lunch. We just happened to be in a shopping mall, and I decided that now was the time to look for a ball dress. He just happened to be there with me, so I dragged him along. Now, you need to realise that both of us hate shopping, but I've always genuinely felt sorry for the menfolk who are made to warm the seats by the changing rooms in women's clothing stores and give their opinion. I think everyone realises that their opinion is always the wrong one, but I did that today and entirely without meaning to.

Anyway, back to my dress. Here's a picture of it. I love the cut of Staxs clothing; it is absolutely timeless and the Staxs dresses I've bought in the past have lasted me well. I've never worn a halter neck dress before, so that will take some getting used to. It is beautifully boned so will hopefully stay up on its own(!). There's a brooch-type thing in the middle, which my sweetie doesn't like, but this was all part of the changing room negotiating; he liked the colour and style, and I was just happy to have something fit and look good. We'll decide about the brooch in the lead-up to the ball next week.

So that's goal #65 - buy a dress. I'm really looking forward to next week and goal #29 - dance at a formal ball. And now Cinderella has something to wear!


Sab said...

Ooh! The dress is lovely! I'm sure you look fab in it! I love the color! I've never been a fan of the brooches on a lot of the dresses now, but that one doesn't look too bad! You won't need a necklace if you keep it... that's a big deal for me, seeing as my baby's hands tend to find anything that dangles and... well, she doesn't exactly know what she's doing. I won't be wearing necklaces for the next while!

Btw... I usually don't like shopping either. And my hubby actually likes taking me shopping and getting me to try on things. His opinion of most everything is 'it looks great'... but we know the truth, lol.

Donna said...

what a beautiful dress!!