Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Taking it to the streets

I'm not much of an official protester; I prefer to moan to my nearest and dearest, rather than do something decisive and take action. Living in Wellington, and working quite close to Parliament for several years, protests and rallies were happening every time do-gooders hatched half-baked plans over a drink or three. I was walking down Lambton Quay with a friend one lunchtime and he noticed the closed lanes on the other side of the road, commenting (with rolled eyes), "who's protesting this time?". Turns out it was the Victoria University of Wellington graduation parade ... doh!

One would think that, with an election so close at hand, that political protests, demonstrations and rallies would be hitting the headlines. However, once again, the nation is getting ready for a planned protest, and this time it's for a cause I support.

The Sugar Liberation Army plans to protest tomorrow outside the Cadbury's Dunedin premises to protest the chopping of Snifters, Sparkles and Tangy Fruits, favourites of movie-goers for decades. Concerned residents will stage Operation Tang Protest at 5:30pm. A spokesperson for the group says, "in a world of financial uncertainty and economic crisis, we turn to nostalgia for small comforts". They go on to say that, "Cadbury-Schweppes Pty Ltd is denying everyday New Zealanders the sweet, confectionary nostalgia of their forefathers". Hear, hear!

Stand strong, SLA - the nation depends on you to save these fledgling kiwi icons. Kia kaha!

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