Saturday, 25 October 2008

Kayu Manis

I like trying new restaurants and cafés, as well as visiting old favourites. I have taken to reviewing the places we eat at recently on two online forums, Dineout and Menumania. I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due. On the other hand, I believe that feedback needs to be honest and that if people are being paid to provide a product or service, then we as consumers can expect high standards. I don't think it is acceptable to use forums such as these to make personal attacks, or be entirely subjective; nothing worthwhile can be achieved from being overtly negative. Having said that, I stand behind every comment I make (positive or constructive) and hope they can lead to positive change.

We tried Kayu Manis tonight, a new Malaysian restaurant in a location which is notorious for chewing up and spewing out eating establishments. There have been a whole series of them over the years, of various styles and cuisines but, sadly, none seem to last more than a year or two. It makes us wonder about the venue itself; exhorbitant rent? Inadequate facilitites?

Kayu Manis features an extensive menu with a wide range of dishes to choose from. The service was prompt and efficient and we were served in good time. The environment was attractive and stylish, featuring colourful Malaysian decorations in a modern setting. However, we were very surprised and disappointed at how small the portions were, especially one dish which consisted only of three chicken drumsticks and garnish for nearly $19. If we hadn't used our entertainment card, where we received a main for a main, the meal sadly would not have been worth our while. I hope this means Kayu Manis will not go the way of all its predecessors in this venue.

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