Thursday, 23 October 2008

Better late than never

This phrase is applicable in so many contexts, but tonight seems very appropriate.

I have just got home from the music quiz tonight (we did ok, not great, but at least we were in the top half) and one of my team mates commented that she's loving Chinese food lately and had only just discovered how good orange beef is. "Where have I been all my life?" she asked us. Her friend commented that, "that's not surprising, considering you only discovered honey and cheese last week".

Honey and cheese? Hmm. I love cheese, although I have never been impressed by honey. But together?? Like my team mate, I would have thought these foods should always remain separate. (Actually, I think honey should be abolished, along with capsicums, but that's a different story.) Someone else said they remembered discovering that other kids grew up on chippies and Vegemite but weren't allowed that combination themselves when they were a child. (That's a bit more common in New Zealand, as an occasional sandwich treat.) The conversation continued; I think we all learned random facts about nothing.

So, here is what else Café Chick learned today and tonight. As you'll see with some, better late than never, I guess!
  • Jeff Healey is dead! OMG! I just had to come home and check that out. Apparently he died of cancer on 2 March 2008 at the age of 41. How did this fact elude me? The Jeff Healey Band was the first concert I ever went to, circa 1990 in Wellington.
  • You use a programme called HandBrake to convert DVDs to MP4 format for your iPod, cos iTunes won't just pick up DVDs like it does with CDs. (I've tried.) Considering that I bought an iPod video three years ago, I definitely consider this fact better late than never. Guess what I'm doing right now? ;-)
  • Embed code for videos (in HTML) is not that hard to write. OK, so I haven't actually learnt the code yet, but at least I believe now that it won't be too difficult once I'm ready to attack it.
  • The manager of the Wellington Real Groovy shop has bought the store as of Saturday, which will stop the Wellington branch closing down now that they are in receivership. Yay!
  • Jeff Healey is dead!!


Kelly said...

OMG I thought my father was the only person who cuts slices of cheese and spreads them with honey. His other favourite is to spread cheese with jam. I like honey and I like cheese but certainly not together!

And in keeping with the weirdness, my boyfriend has marmite and banana sandwiches.

I'm surrounded by food weirdos!!!

Donna said...

Cheese and honey..That is an intresting combo. Now banana and mayonnaise or banana and peanut butter both rock!!!

Random Thoughts said...

What kind of cheese would one eat with honey, there are so many, I am sure some may taste good, while others might make one cringe.

I am sure Vegemite is available somewhere in the US, but I can't say it is a product found in many places. I had to read what it is and I still don't really understand it, but it's brown!