Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Coffee can make the world's problems go away for a while

I have proof of it.

Let me explain. I have been working for much of this year on helping organise a very large conference. This week, 1700 delegates, 200 trades people, and about another 100 staff arrived in Christchurch for it all to come together - the pudding (where the proof is, apparently).

We are working long(er) days than usual. Scheduled on for 13+ hours each day, plus whatever we need to get finished at night. It's going really well but is incredibly exhausting.

Enter the coffee angels. We have a team of ten (10!) baristas on duty to provide free real coffee for anyone here at the conference. We've always had a solitary barista, but the effect was never quite the same; this way, everyone can have their coffee fix and not have to wait forever to get it. Sounds like a recipe for success!

And, so, as I get up for yet another early morning after yet another late night following yet another long day on my feet, I can order my trim cappuccino and have it delivered with a smile. All is well with the world again for as long as there is (real) coffee in my cup. Ahhhh.


Donna said...

I have to agree with you on the coffee. Of course here I'm only about 10 feet from the coffee pot so it's easy to make. :)

Random Thoughts said...

Coffee is my friend.

I brew my own pot of plain old coffee each morning and take my travel cup to my first destination. I can walk down the hill on my lunch break at my second destination and order another, they now have options to my cup of Joe. It is helpful to get to my third destination on Thursdays. Which are usually 14hour days not including drive times.

I <3 Coffee

Evelyn said...

Ah, coffee! That reminds me.... it's time to get up out of this chair and go make a pot of hazelnut-flavored coffee.